The Tate Brothers Split the Money They Make from Casinos with an Organized Crime Syndicate

We found six casinos off of which the brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate are making money in Romania. 

The Brits are linked with the largest organized crime brotherhood in Romania’s recent history: the DMS Family

The members of the group have a rich criminal history: accusations for having planned assassinations, drug trafficking, loansharking, recovering debts, violent street fights, but also financial property frauds. 

The iron fist brotherhood

Last year, Cătălin Biță, a chav from Pașcani, Iași County, started making money off a few slot-machines at a Las Vegas gambling venue in Berceni, south Bucharest. 

Biță was not left to his own devices in Berceni, the headquarters of one of the most fearsome local organized crime groups – Clanul Sportivilor.

The Bucharest group is also famous for the protection taxes it cashes in from businessmen who want to make money in their area. Some have been strangled, electrocuted, or sweated bullets with a gun to their head. 

As such, Biță was walking in a minefield.

The last time when a Iași county native got into a fight with Bucharest mobsters, a house exploded. 

But Biță was safe. 

His hammer-sized fist displays a tattoo that speaks to his status as a member of another group: the DMS Family.

One month later, on December 1, 2022, Romania’s national day, the controversial influencer Andrew Tate was celebrating his own birthday with a big fat contract. 

Talisman Enterprises, the company he controlled, together with his brother Tristan, was going to make money in the same location as Biță.

Both the mobster and the Tate brothers were cashing in from slot-machines at the same Las Vegas casino. 

Meanwhile, Biță and his wife have just been summoned by anti-mafia prosecutors and accused of holding a key positions in the DMS organization.

A month prior to the Tate brothers’ arrest, in November 2022, over 100 members of the group all over the country had been raided by prosecutors in the mega-case regarding the Las Vegas casinos.

It wasn’t the Brits’ first rodeo on the gambling market. Their house shows it, too – the place where they brought girls to exclusive parties, only to impress them and later put them to work on the internet. Their villa is covered in matte black metal slides and red LED lights. It looks just like the Las Vegas gambling venue, where they make money alongside Biță.

RISE presents a first look at the Tate brothers’ casinos and the businesses in which they partnered with Romania’s most feared mobsters.

The DMS Family

A 2019 lăutari party brought together la crème de la crème of Romanian organized crime landscape. Manele singer Răzvan de la Pitești was there, lining his pockets with cash. He sang whatever the mobsters desired.

The loudest call during his performance came from Șpac, a dedication for “the light of his life,” Box. 

Both Box, aka Marian Sîrbu, and Florin Șpac were on the payroll of Nuțu Cămătaru (transl. The Loan Shark) – an underworld leader who rules over organized crime in Bucharest’s sector 5 and beyond. “A living legend,” as the lăutari sing his praises. You can listen to him here in Romanian, claiming a debt from a businessman who had borrowed money from him

At his orders, in September 2019, Răzvan de la Pitești delighted Cămătaru’s lieutenants:

Marian Sîrbu, aka Box, who has a fitting tattoo on his abdomen, had just been released from prison. He and Șpac had been best buddies for years. 

Their current tattoos indicate they are now working for another group. They share a common marking – that of the DMS Family. 

So does Biță.

The family was also praised over the speakers at the christening party. Șpac yelled at the musician “We are a family! The DMS Family!” At the mobster’s behest, the singer performed a rather unimaginative bit: “Everyone should know! The DMS Family!”

There was another member of the DMS Family seated at the table – Costel Corduneanu. He’s the head of the most violent clan in the Moldova region. He achieved a vor v zakone status. The Corduneanu clan has collected for dozens of crimes, from stabbing and blackmail to financial engineering and arson. At least six soldiers of the Corduneanu clan were locked up by prosecutors in the Las Vegas mega-case. 

Sitting next to Costel at the table, there was Laurențiu Pletosu, his godson from Brașov, across the Carpathian mountains, another Las Vegas associate, who makes money off slot-machines in Brașov.

You can see him in these videos taken at a gym, where he attacked a local rival at knifepoint.

Corduneanu and Pletosu have known each other since at least 2001, when they attended kickboxing competitions together. In their version of reality, Pletosu guards the citadel of Brașov, where he once also owned the Head and Tails restaurant, while Corduneanu watches over Iași.

At another party with the same main characters, the host was the more famous manele star Florin Salam. Another Iași mobster, also arrested by the anti-mafia prosecutors in the Las Vegas case, requested the following dedications: “For Mihăiță Polonezu (The Pole)! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! The DMS Family! For Șpac! For our heart, Costel Corduneanu! ” 

At the time, Salam performed “Stau ca vulturul pe stâncă” (translator’s note: “I’m Standing on a Rock Like an Eagle”) and many wound up under judicial review or house arrest in the Las Vegas case. 

Mihăiță The Pole, the leader of the group, was the only one who could not be found since the case blew wide open

He has no online presence, but we’ve identified him hopping from one manele party to the next on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, and in the dedications that reveal relationships between mobsters. That’s how we wound up at the wedding of Florin Șpac, whose godfather he became in 2021

The Pole in Salam’s dedication is actually Mihăiță Doroftei. Together with his brother, Sorin Doroftei, he is the legal owner of the Las Vegas casino chain.

They are the ones who brought mobsters from all over the country to the same table. They control the DMS group of companies that manages the casinos, which can be found from the smallest authentic hamlet in Romania all the way to Cyprus. They are also the ones who, for their protection, hired the most fearsome fighters from clans all over the country. 

Their initials form the name of the DMS group: Doroftei, Mihăiță, and Sorin. They’re the bosses.

According to the papertrail, the mobsters invited to the aforementioned wedding and christening in fact belonged to two categories: gambling venue owners and their technicians, hired to fix the slot-machines

The Las Vegas case and the cocaine smuggler

The technicians and their bosses are now being investigated by anti-mafia prosecutors for forming an organized crime group. 

The mobsters would forcefully engage in hostile casino takeovers from their competitors and retrieve money from unwelcomed random winners. 

A man who hit a jackpot spent four days in a basement for refusing to reimburse them his winnings. Another one was stripped naked and threatened with rape. Another player, to whom the machine awarded a few hundred thousand RON, according to Play Responsibly accounts, was not handed the money because the machine was allegedly broken; it was promptly unplugged.

Over the past two years, the DMS Family has employed around one hundred such technicians, all of them weighing 220 lbs and more. That’s the conclusion reached by the Organized Crime Investigation Department (DIICOT) prosecutor, who documented both the Tate brothers’ case, as well as the Las Vegas case. 

“We see something that we have not encountered in the past — the leaders of the [organized crime] groups have forgotten their pride in order to share their spheres of influence, and benefits,” Cosmin Andreica, head of the Romanian branch of Europol, told Romanian television at the time of the raids.

Some of the fighters can also be seen at the RXF competitions; they frequently take part in MMA galas organized by RXF, Real Xtreme Fighting, whose main sponsor is also the  Las Vegas casino chain. 

The Tate brothers host the events, provide the live commentary to the fights, and have also participated in RXF galas on several occasions. One of the bodyguards at the Brits’ residence is also a constant fighter in the MMA galas organized under the high patronage of Las Vegas and DMS

The leader of the DMS group, Mihăiță Doroftei, aka The Pole, is now being prosecuted for failing to appear before the court. He used to live in a house with a swimming pool and a roundabout in his yard, in a suburb in southern Poland

The house was built in 2009 and he also has Polish citizenship. He hails from northern Suceava County, home to the largest Polish community in Romania, and is also married to a Polish woman.

The Doroftei brothers’ deep entanglement with organized crime dates back to at least 2014, according to photos we identified, which feature them attending parties of the “brotherhood,” as the lăutari describe it in their songs. 

For at least five years, the group flew under the radar of the state.

The prosecutors have been monitoring the DMS Family since at least September 2019, according to RISE Project sources. 

At the time, an arrest warrant was put out for Lucian Boncu from Timișoara, charged with cocaine traffic. He was convicted for this, as well as for planning to assassinate a local journalist

In September 2019, Boncu had just been hired at the Las Vegas casinos force department. He was supposed to “look out” for two casinos in town.

Back then, Boncu would brag among dealers: “€5,000 a month just for me, I don’t want no paperwork, no nothing.” Aside from that, Boncu added, “I have to go to Dubai, Morocco, Tunisia once a month, to a different location every month…” 

Should any trouble have come up at the gambling venues, Boncu and his boys were always ready to step in.

The Timișoara prosecutor also provided context for the discussion in which the trafficker was bragging.

“An important investor intends to open several casinos in the main cities of the country, with a very high investment value and the potential to propel him as the main player in this market segment. In order to ensure the protection of his future business, the investor turned to the Romanian underworld, knowing that a business with this profile could not be carried out under normal circumstances, without a ‘lien’ from the underworld groups in the main cities. (…)”

Boncu had gotten the job on September 7, 2019, at “an event attended by underworld leaders from several Romanian counties,” according to the arrest report in the cocaine traffic case.

Boncu had a different description for it: “There were… like, 16 of them… at the table, they were all… Bucharest, Sibiu, Iaşi, Constanţa… all over the fucking place…”

His employer was the Las Vegas chain of casinos and the Timișoara cocaine dealer is one of the 100 underlings targeted by anti-mafia prosecutors for constituting an organized criminal group, together with The Pole and the Corduneanus. 

If they each earn as much as Boncu from Timișoara does on a monthly basis, then the casino chain has to pay 6 million lei per year only in protection tax.

In another criminal case in which Șpac is the star, for instance, the thug excused himself in front of the judges that he had to go do his job of fixing slot machines.

“The measure of judicial control restricts his right to work, [and he also stated] that he wants the preventive measure of judicial control to be lifted, because he works in Las Vegas, at a chain of casinos, as an electronics technician, he travels all over the country and has to return to Bucharest to sign the attendance sheet, also specifying that he has the right to leave the country, and that he does not consider himself guilty. He also showed that he is an authorized electronic technician and works with several companies.”

Box, his partner, Nuțu Cămătaru’s lieutenant, is also among the main electronic technicians at Las Vegas. In 2019, Box and Șpac attended the meeting during which Lucian Boncu was hired, and in 2020 he was “at work” with another suspect in the case, at the only Las Vegas casino in Dobroești, Ilfov County.

Box was present at the second casino owned by the Tate brothers, which RISE Project presents below. He checked in there on Facebook saying he was “working.”

How much money do the Tate brothers’ slot machines actually make?

The Tate brothers run a webcam like company, through which they make money from the slot machine venues. It’s called Talisman Enterprises.

One Talisman Enterprises’ business location is recorded in the company paperwork as 75-77 Dornei St., in Dobroești, Ilfov County, but this address doesn’t really exist – the street is called Doinei. In the image above, the Brits were actually headed to Doinei St. 

The Tate brothers’ casino in Ilfov, where the DMS Family fighters, Box, and his co-workers took photos of themselves, has been concealed behind several paperwork errors and multiple layers of documents. 

The location of the Las Vegas casino was first rented out by the GTC Sporting Club Association, i.e., the entity behind the SuperKombat Academy gym. 

Throughout the years, Andrew Tate has constantly trained at SuperKombat and has hung out at Bucharest bars with fighters on the gym’s roster. 

In January 2020, SuperKombat Academy rented the property to Talisman Enterprises, which was controlled by the Tate brothers – and that’s how this Las Vegas casino was born

Today, the gambling venue where the Tate brothers and the DMS Family are associates also hosts 16 slot machines. At least some of them were under the protection of mobster Box from 2020 until late 2022, when the network was dismantled.

RISE Project has obtained several internal accounting documents of the casino, which show how much money the slot machines made while the two brothers were under arrest.

Since they were first plugged in, the 16 machines have gobbled up a total of over 44 million lei, around 9 million euros. However, we don’t know how much was recorded as cash in when the machines were first set up there – just that the venue has been open since 2020. 

In under two weeks, between February 7 and 18, 2023, when the two brothers were still under arrest for human trafficking and forming an organized criminal group, the 16 machines ingested 606,120 lei, i.e., €120,000. That’s just for 11 days and in only one of the six casinos that we have identified.

Another DMS Family company owned the slot machines on the premises, and in a single month made payments to the Tate brothers amounting to nearly €18,000 for the business in Dobroești.

If the machines constantly swallowed as much money as they did during that time frame we have documents for, the total amount would surpass €4 million per year.

The Tate brothers ‘partner up’ with underworld clans

On February 27, at the Palace of Justice in Piața Unirii, Bucharest, the press gathered for the Tate brothers’ trial. They were waiting to be heard for their release from custody. In the hallway, their lawyer and friend Eugen Vidineac was alternatively playing a game of backgammon on his phone, or talking to journalists.

The place was bustling, as if this were a public trial. The Tate brothers’ trial, however, was being heard behind closed doors.

At the same time, in the courtroom adjoining the Tate brothers’ trial, another judge was to decide whether underworld leader Costel Corduneanu would maintain his freedom.

The freedom of the accused in the Las Vegas case was being heard.

At the previous court date, the judge had scolded the Corduneanus’, because the accused had not appeared before her, in order to determine whether he would be prosecuted in detention or not. The lawyer excused him – he had been admitted to a clinic in Hanover, scheduled for a heart transplant and could not travel by plane because of his condition.

In a separate trial, the lawyer of Mihăiță Doroftei, the underlings’ employer, claimed that the accused had wanted to attend the hearings, but had found out on short notice and could not just leave Poland all of a sudden. However, Doroftei’s lawyer promised would be present for the following court hearing. He is also a Polish citizen, he works there, his wife and children live a carefully planned life there. The lawyer also stated that he had learned of the Las Vegas case on too much of a short notice.

Because he also missed his next term, on Mihăiță Doroftei was issued an arrest warrant, while Corduneanu, whose health had improved enough for him to attend the trial, was only placed under judicial control.

Thus, on February 27, it was decided that Andrew and Tristan Tate would remain in custody, while Costel Corduneanu went home.

The Las Vegas casino chain, however, continues to operate.

The National Gambling Office (ONJN) is the institution that issues gambling licenses. There is no such active authorization for Talisman Enterprises.

The Tate brothers could not operate a gambling business, because it would have been illegal for them to do so without a license. So they partnered with a company owned by the Doroftei brothers, DMS Bet Live, which did hold an ONJN license.

They split the money like brothers.

The contracts between the Talisman and DMS companies state that the Tate brothers provide the commercial space, while DMS brings the “betting terminals” to the table. In three of the six gambling venues, the Tate brothers also have to provide employees and “cash-machine” equipment, but, for years, their company has only employed two people, according to data from the Finance Ministry. Basically, the Tate brothers have more active gambling venues than employees to attend to the slot machines.

Along with this standard division, which also features in the contracts between the DMS Family and local thugs all over the country, the contract also includes two special clauses.

One of them states that the money from the machines can only be withdrawn by DMS people, but is deposited by the Tate brothers. If there are any jackpot winners, for example, Talisman must hand over the prize money to the casino.

In addition, the Tate brothers are prohibited to do business with competitors of the Las Vegas group.

Basically, they have exclusivity with the DMS Family.

The contracts for all the six casinos where Andrew Tate makes money follow a nearly identical structure, indicating that they were drafted by the Las Vegas Group. There are basically the same contracts that the Las Vegas Group used for all the thugs. Just like the one in Vitan, the third gambling venue documented by RISE Project is linked to an international drug trafficking network.

Breaking Bad near Bucharest

A pharma factory in Ilfov County, outskirts of Bucharest, has delivered methamphetamine precursors all over Europe. The base substances produced by Romanians belong to the class of ephedrines. The same type of substances can be kinda found in cough pills, nose unclogging sprays and, if you work out to build muscle, you can take them to raise your endurance. The chemicals work in the same way in your nose, in your biceps, as well as in your brain.

As soon as they came out of the factory’s production line, the ephedrines arrived at clandestine Czech labs, where they were turned into crystals. From there, all it took to get the pills sold in club toilets and at festivals, for that extra drop of chemical bliss, was one more technologic step. In too large doses, the pills can be lethal.

The factory didn’t just produce a few blisters, but millions of pills. According to the prosecutors’ estimates, the market value of the delivered goods stands at nearly €500 million.

In September 2021, nearly 20,000 pills produced in Voluntari were intercepted by Czech customs officers, in the trunk of a car. Later on, the Czechs also identified another shipment of several bags of Romanian meth and pills.

The following year, in 2022, an armed man, stopped in traffic by the German Police, was also carrying methamphetamine, as well as a box of Romanian pills, with which he could produce even more pills.

A few months later, a refrigerated van with 3 million pills was caught after entering the Czech Republic from Poland. The police published photos of the pallets of pills from Voluntari, manufactured by the same Arena Group SA.

In January 2023, a car was chased by the police into a forest on the Czech border, it got stuck there, and the driver was arrested. In the trunk, he was hiding half a kilo of weed and some crystals. He was a producer. He had a clandestine laboratory at home, where he made methamphetamine from pills produced by Arena Group. Also in 2023, the Czechs found another laboratory at a car service.

Trucks loaded with Romanian pills have also been intercepted in Poland.

A report by the Czech Anti-Drug Police found that seizures of high-risk drug precursors produced by Arena Group have intensified since 2020. The company is owned by Laurențiu Huică, a former vice president of a pharmaceutical industry owners’ association.

According to financial information obtained by the RISE Project, the drug factory in Voluntari collected more than €11 million from three Czech pharmaceutical warehouses, which sell wholesale drugs

All three companies that made payments to Arena Group SA were founded by the same couple of Prague pharmacists. Then, the warehouses were transferred to others. One of the storage spaces was transferred last year to a Romanian, Ioan Sabău.

The official Czech documents feature a certain Ioan Sabău, allegedly hailing from Bistrița. Yet the street to which his ID is registered seems to be located only in Roșiorii de Vede, Teleorman County, hundreds of kilometers away from Bistrița. In Romania, no citizens bearing this name and born on the date declared in the Czech Republic, living at that non-existent address, have ever actually been registered.

Basically, Ioan Sabău does not seem to be an actual person, but rather a pile of documents.

Aside from the money from methamphetamine precursors, Arena Group also makes a pretty penny from renting out a casino, in which the two Tates associated with the Doroftei brothers. The name of the drug factory features in the contract for the premises of the third Las Vegas casino.

In the Vitan neighborhood, in one of the busiest intersections in Bucharest, on the ground floor of a block of flats, lies the spot where Polonezu and Top G, as Andrew Tate is also called, split their income 50-50. The space was taken over from Arena Group, which sold it to a company controlled by Doroftei. In turn, this company handed over the space to the Tate brothers, and the casino operates at their location.

A player we met in front of the casino told us that this is where he usually gambles his money. He said that he lost the equivalent of two apartments at the slot machines.

Las Vegas is one of the biggest casino chains in Romania, with contracts for slot machine venues all over the country, from pubs and train stations to malls and glitzy halls. Over the past three years alone, they opened more than 800 venues.

The Tate brothers are business partners with the DMS Family in only six casinos for which the RISE Project has obtained documents. We identified the last two during the editing and fact-checking process – they are located in Târgovişte.

One of these Târgoviște casinos was fastuously inaugurated by mobsters Box and Șpac themselves, alongside manele star Tzanca Uraganu. 

How the Las Vegas empire was born

The business opened in 2004, in a house on the outskirts of Suceava, northern Romania, where the Dorofteis come from. Then, they started installing slot machines in village taverns in counties Suceava, Iași and Vaslui, some of the poorest in Romania.

Mihăiță Doroftei, the leader of the DMS group, started the business with his brother and a group of Poles. At least three of the companies established by the Doroftei brothers have been investigated for tax evasion in several criminal files.

Suceava County prosecutors have been investigating the businesses of the Doroftei brothers since 2014. At least three criminal cases were filed at that time, but no one spent as much as a single day in prison. The damage to the state budget was in the seven-figure range, but the law enforcement officers could not prove the intention of fraud, and the deeds were passed off as forgiven mistakes.

One of the legal administrators featured in the paperwork for the Doroftei brothers’ companies, alongside the Poles, was of high school age when the events took place. Prosecutors suspected that Las Vegas and DMS may have falsely under-declared the number of slot machines, in order to pay lower taxes.

The taxes were paid and the criminal cases were closed.

At the time, the Doroftei brothers were doing business in Romania with lots of Polish citizens. Mihăiță was married to a Polish woman and already living abroad.

The business circle over there was not on good terms with the law either.

Mihăiță Doroftei’s family former business partners own the soft drink and energy drink brand Las Vegas Drinks and the LV gambling chain in Poland. The energy drink brand has been the main sponsor of Poland’s national football team for years.

To boot, the branding of the Romanian Las Vegas casinos was copied after that of the Polish energy drinks.

Another one of Mihăiță Doroftei’s business partners in Poland was the owner of the Arka Gdynia football club, a historic club, which, in recent years, has played frequent friendlies with Romanian teams such as FC Botoșani, Dinamo, CFR Cluj, or Viitorul Constanța.

The Polish football club was owned by Doroftei’s partner. Five years ago, it was at the center of a public scandal over potential links to sports betting operators. 

The representatives of the football club then vehemently denied any wrongdoings regarding any player in the sports betting market. Their connections with the gambling industry were more ample, through Mihăiță Doroftei, who already owned the Las Vegas brand in Romania.


Immediately after the arrests in late 2022, the online publication Buletin de București wrote that one of the influencers’ companies, War Room Vegas, was set up together with a former company of the Doroftei brothers, Royalty Sport Management. Through this company, Vieru and the Tates are organizing other kickboxing galas named KO Masters.

In an official statement, two specific Las Vegas group companies denied any connections with the Tates. In fact, War Room Vegas, controlled by the Tates, was associated with DMS Bet Live in the very same gambling venue in Dobroești. We are talking about the same casino where Nuțu Cămătaru’s lieutenant, Box, was ”working”, along with another underling arrested in the case.

The Tate brothers are business partners with the DMS Family in just six casinos for which RISE Project has obtained documents. The Tate brothers boast that they have nearly 10 more.

Both the lawyer defending the Tate brothers in the human trafficking case, and the PR representing them publicly, have told us that the two do not wish to comment on the subject of the Las Vegas casinos. 

On the other side, the Las Vegas Group, through their lawyer, says it has cut ties with the two: “What we can tell you is that we no longer do business with the Tate brothers.”

I also asked the Las Vegas Group how they comment on the fact that Andrew Tate says he is associated with the “mafia” when referring to the casino owners. They commented as follows: “We are not responsible for and cannot control the statements a person makes, including the ones you mentioned.” 

We also asked the Las Vegas Group about their business relations with other mobsters such as Laurențiu Pletosu, Marian Sîrbu, Vladimir Șpac, and the Corduneanu clan. They told us that the casino chain no longer has any commercial ties with them either.

Although the police and anti-mafia prosecutors can’t locate him, our questions even reached Mihaita Doroftei. We asked the Las Vegas Group’s lawyer why the owner is a fugitive.

Another lawyer contacted us on his behalf and told us that, in fact, “the claim that he evaded prosecution is slightly forced”. 

However, in February, another of Mihaita Doroftei’s lawyers was asked at the Bucharest Court of Appeal by the judge: “I understand that we are at the defendants’ discretion. I mean, when would these gentlemen like to make an appearance? (…) I mean, if we grant him a deadline, do you request a postponement of the proceedings so that he can appear?”

Doroftei’s lawyer was asking for time: “He would need more than a week, a week and a half, to give him a real opportunity to come to the country. To be able to give him the time off to be present, I mean, you can’t approve a period of 2-3 days and he would be unable and it would be concluded that he is fleeing from prison.”

Four months later, Mihaita Doroftei’s lawyers still maintain that he is not fleeing from prison, but simply living peacefully in Poland together with his family.

Regarding the contracts with the mobsters put at the same table by the Doroftei brothers, through which they made money for years, the Las Vegas lawyer said it would have been illegal to ask for their criminal records, because of the data protection legislation. 

Otherwise, they refrained from further public comment saying they did not want to interfere in the act of justice because the DIICOT investigation is still ongoing.

Mihăiță Doroftei has warned us through his lawyer that we should not publish his personal data (name, photos, judicial status etc.) because he thinks this is not an information of public interest.

The same reasons were given to us by his brother Sorin Doroftei, who did not wish to comment on our questions, but stressed the fact that he had received only a “soft” preventive measure, which would prove that the information we have was false.

Cătălin Biță, the slot machine associate in Berceni, contacted via his partner, did not want to comment either

Neither did Sebastian Vieru. He said we were not allowed to mention his name in the article or any other personal details, otherwise he would “resort to legal action”.

The methamphetamine precursor factory did not want to answer our questions on the subject either, again so as not to interfere with the legal proceedings.

We also sent questions about the casinos to Tristan Tate, after he had initially contacted us. He replied “I have no reason to speak about any business to anybody,” even though his brother bragged on the internet that he was involved with the “mafia.”

Reporter: Victor Ilie

Additional reporting: Luiza Vasiliu, Bianca Albu

Editor: Daniel Bojin

Fact-checking: Roxana Jipa 

Translation: Ioana Pelehatăi

Illustration: Andy Sinboy


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