The Faces of Noua Dreapta

There are few but vocal, chanting the same ideas. They wear military clothes, but march with religious icons in their hands. They love God, but hate war refugees. They say they are defending their country, but some have already broken laws. They are known as Noua Dreapta. Currently they are a political party. You may recognize them on the streets where, inspired by radical ideas, they seek an identity. They are rebelling against ethnic Hungarians, against homosexuals against immigrants -- whenever they are not rebelling against each other. The Faces of Noua Dreapta follows the organisation over a 15 year period, from its founding to today, examining some of its most prominent members. Noua Dreapta expanded to nearly every Romanian county despite a number of missteps and fines for breaking discrimination laws. They have received financial support from controversial Romanian businessmen. In 2009, the group even succeeded in crossing the Prut river, when they opened a branch in Moldova. Some of its founding members grew disillusioned and left the organisation. Some got lost in conspiracy theories or criminal activities such as child pornography and fraud. Now, those who remain are preparing for their first election. The Faces of Noua Dreapta tells the story of the people behind this radical Romanian movement. #TrackingDownHateCrimeGroups, is a project by RISE Project and http://atlatszo.hu
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